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Medical Fitness & Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine


It is well known, that as we age, our bodies do not respond as quickly or as injury free as they did in our youth.  A major factor which sabotages our efforts to be physically active are musculoskeletal pain and injuries.  Our team of chiropractors and neuromuscular therapists (NMT) also trained in Active Release Technique (ART), are experts in not only treating musculoskeletal complications, but in preventing their occurrence through preventive screening and proactive therapy.  

Medical Fitness


The concept of medical fitness is based on the premise that exercise is a form of medicine and that it has beneficial effects for all people if implemented in a safe and effective manner. 


While medical professionals clearly understand the benefits of good nutrition and exercise, and fitness professionals realize the profound impact of potential or existing health concerns on the safety and efficacy of exercise, these two professions have not yet forged a comfortable working relationship.   It is therefore the mission of Cavender Health to bridge the Gap between Medicine, Nutrition, & Fitness


Following the guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine, Cavender Health utilizes state of the art testing equipment and procedures to identify any potential or existing health concerns and to create an individualized exercise prescription which can improve those health risks and conditions and is both safe and effective for the participant.   Under the direction and guidance of our board certified emergency medicine physician, chiropractor, and a team of certified exercise specialists, health fitness instructors, and exercise physiologists, patients can enjoy a safe and effective exercise program, all in the comforts of an intimate medical fitness facility with the most technically advanced equipment available today.


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