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Hormone Balance & Restoration



A major theory of aging states that after the age of 25, most hormones such as Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen (in females), DHEA, Growth Hormone, and Thyroid begin to decline in both men and women, while others such as Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen (in males) begin to rise.  When these hormones attain abnormal levels or even just imbalanced ratios, common symptoms of aging begin to appear.  These symptoms range from loss of energy, loss of libido, increased belly fat, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, dry skin and hair, hot flashes/night sweats, and mood swings.


Hormone balance and restoration at Cavender Health seeks to correct elevated and/or deficient hormone levels through the prior therapeutic modalities of Medical Nutrition Therapy and Prescriptive Exercise, as well as hormone restoration therapy (HRT).  All hormone levels are followed closely throughout treatment to insure that they are well balanced and levels are never above the normal range.

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